TBWA Study will Identify Future Winner Brands

May 15, 2009

THE BRAND REPORT was initiated by TBWA Europe and Prof. Dr. Christian Bluemelhuber

tbr_webTBWA\ Europe announces the partnership with Prof. Bluemelhuber and the launch of THE BRAND REPORT project, a joint research with CEREM: The Euromarketing Research Lab in Brussels. As a result of the partnership a study on future winner brands will be published in fall 2009. It will identify the most interesting brands doing business in Europe, brands with a great growth and disruption potential. Based on a detailed analysis of the Top-10 brands identified in the research, the scientific team will define the key success drivers of winner brands.

“We want to celebrate original thinking brands, companies that are real smart thinkers,“ said Perry Valkenburg, President TBWA\ Europe and COO International. „Our research will identify great examples of disruption from all areas of business.“

“Iconic brands like Apple, Art Basel, Absolut or even Bono have not only learned how their brands live in the heart and minds of their audience,” says Dr. Christian Bluemelhuber, Director of CEREM and professor for Euro Marketing at the Free University of Brussels. “They have successfully managed to leapfrog market rules and to create new value curves, both for them and the people that have decided to live with them.”

“The Brand Report will deliver unexpected results across categories and country boarders,“ ads Ulrich Proeschel, Brand Director Europe of TBWA\. “With the help of international experts and our European network we will identify brands, that not only changed markets, but created new ones.“

The Brand Report will identify original thinking companies and brands, that understand the importance of creativity, meaning smart thinking, it will identify examples of Disruption from all areas of business. Disruption, as a business theory was invented by TBWA Chairman Jean Marie Dru, it is about challenging rules. Since 1996 Dru has published three books on the topic.